Friday, October 2, 2015


Victoria turned seven back in August.  We had a backyard water/squirt gun/mini-pools party.  P got her a lovely cake with Barbie and horse on it.  She is growing up very quickly.

* At the end of last year reading clicked with her it.  Now she is trying to read chapter books and is so proud of herself.  She's doing a great job.  We're very proud of her too.  She really enjoys the Stink series of books.
*Two people have told me they think she is very smart.  I've tried to expect more out of her academically and she has rose easily to the challenge.  Her writing is neater, but she does not have a proper pencil grip (either do I) and sometimes still makes letters and numbers backwards.
* She is obsessed with watching Taylor Swift videos on the Ipad.  This has morphed into Katy Perry, etc.  Some are a little bit too adult, so I"m trying to monitor it carefully.  "Mama, how do you spell Blank Space"? 
* Her behavior is better since school started.  She tends to fly off the handle over food and snacks in the evenings and when her medicine wears off.
*She really likes school and her teacher.  She likes knowing people and not being the youngest anymore.
*Her eating issues can be exasperating.  I try to get a banana into her everyday, it has to be pristine (no marks, bruises or strings) and she will eat it.  She now doesn't like salami (one of the things I could get her to eat) and refuses to eat hot lunch at all this year.  This is more work for me, but she eats so little at school (meds contributing), then why pay $2.75 for her to throw it away? 
* She informs me of the speed limit signs when we are driving.  I always tell her "thanks".
* I am trying to find more chores for her to do.  She folds towels and puts away silverware from the dishwasher. 
* She received roller blades for her birthday and is trying very hard to stand up alone.
* She has been getting along well with her brother lately.
* She never forgets anything I say or promise to do.
*She likes to snuggle in the chair and watch TV in the evenings, or lay in bed with a parent and snuggle until she falls asleep.
* This year she is taking three dance classes - Jazz, tap, hip hop.  I had to convince her to try hip hop and now she is a big fan of the music.


MrsSpock said...

We can't really get J to eat his lunch either. They have snack at 2, and he will sometimes eat a Clif bar. If he comes home with a full lunch bag, he has to have a Carnation Instant Breakfast in whole milk.

The Captain's Wife said...

School lunch. It will be the death of me. I will share that last year I volunteered a lot during lunch, to help open milks, juice boxes, Scott bathrooms, etc...and because lunch is one of the two times they get to socialize (recess the other) very few kids eat. It is like pulling teeth to get them to stop talking and start eating.

A belated Happy birthday!!!!

Kari said...

She's so cute!