Monday, November 2, 2015


Sometimes will all the events going on before Halloween, actual trick o' treating can be a bit anti climatic.  The past two years, the weather has been crummy.  Cold, rainy, awful.  This year was no exception.   Benny had taken a late nap and I had to wake him up at 5:45 to start.  He wasn't feeling it.  At some points, he sat in the little pushcar and refused to walk up to the doors.  Victoria brought his candy back to him.  After 40 min, I left him giving out candy with P and V and I joined up with a classmate to do a few homes.  After an hour, she was done.   It was a far cry from my childhood when my dad took us out across the entire city and we we would come home with pillowcases of treats.  I'm not even kidding.

Benny has a really cute pirate costume, I have some pictures on my Facebook.  But I had him wear the warmer costume (also for cuteness sake).

Here is V and Benny at the same age wearing the same costume.

Victoria added the mask.   Trick o' Treating in Michigan involves winter coats!

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