Monday, December 7, 2015

Three and a half

So you're Three and a Half.  I can't believe it.  Who said you could grow up?

* You're obsessed with "Uptown Funk" video by Bruno Mars.  You also like "Worth It" by Fifth Harmony and you sing "Baby, I'm Market", instead of worth it.  It's very cute.

*  Lately, you've been a bad eater.  No grapes or watermelon which were previously your favorite.  It seems like all you want is juice, milk, and "treats".

* We have a boy that uses the potty!  Three weeks ago, I put you in underwear and you've had one accident.  The BM's aren't going that well, but you've had some constipation problems.  I've been giving you a little Miralax.  Just like your sister.

* You've been a bit naughty lately.  Lots of jumping, crying, whining.

* You haven't been napping on weekends consistently.

* You can easily walk a mile and a half.

*No haircut yet, but maybe soon?  There is one long piece in back but still not much in front.

* When I pick you up, you still run out and am excited to meet me.

*You love picking up your sister at after school care.  I think you want to join in too.

* "Mama, Daddy, will you lie with me"?  Every night.  It takes you a long time to get to sleep.

* You love showers and baths.

* Wrestling with Daddy is the best.

* You like to turn sommersaults in my lap when I sit on the couch.

* You are very interested in technology.  More than anything else.

* You know all your letters, shapes, colors, animals, etc, etc.  And you've know them for a long time.

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MrsSpock said...

I can't wait til C is ready to potty train. If she;s like her sister, it will be by the end of the year.