Sunday, January 17, 2016

Being three (and a half).

I was coming downstairs from putting away laundry (of course). Paul was supervising Victoria's bath.   Benny was watching Charlie Brown.

Benny:  mom (not mama like usual), I peed in my underpants.
Me:  you did?  Let's go in the potty.
Benny: my pants aren't wet.
Me:  oh yes they are.  What happened?
Benny:  I don't know.

Paul:  did he pee on the new chair?  (We just got him a mini-poang chair from IKEA).  He put it together about 30 minutes ago.
Me:  yes
Benny:  what a mess!  Someone peed in this chair.

Paul:  do you know what happened to this chair?
Benny:  I don't know.


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