Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Peanuts Birthday

As I've posted before, Benny is obsessed with Peanuts. In the car today, he exclaimed, "Good grief mama!". Peanuts was briefly popular when the Peanuts movie came out about a year ago, and now everything has disappeared from stores. I decided to actually plan ahead (something that is not my strength) and make his birthday as Peanut-y themed as I could. We decided to have his birthday at a local gymnastics place that he has been into for a while. Trampolines, jumping, blocks, tumble track, balance beams for 45 min, then 45 min in the lobby. It was fairly economical and we brought all the food, which I like, instead of forcing people to eat gross cold cheap pizza supplied by the venue.

I ordered him a shirt off Etsy, they did a great job! His sister got a shirt from Kohl's and I did too so we were representing Peanuts. I couldn't find one for Daddy.

I got his cake from Kroger. Not the cheapest or best place, but driving 40 min round trip to Costco, or 20 min to Sam's made it worth it. Kroger was willing to put a yellow background with a black stripe. I bought the figurines at Target and put some on the cake. Note: Black icing is mess!

Some people are not big believers in gift bags. I understand that, although I love gift bags. I try not to put junk in them, just some little snacks. The little canvas bags are Oriental Trading, on clearance from Valentine's Day. They were the perfect size to put a few little things in. The little balls, puffy stickers, and necklaces were ordered from there too. Kroger had Snoopy fruit snacks - 5 for $1.

So it was a fun day, and Benny had a LOT of fun, which makes it nice.


Lacey said...

Grocery store cakes taste the best anyway! And they did a great job on that one. Smart of you to hoard Peanuts stuff in preparation for his party, too!

MrsSpock said...

Love it! They have Peanuts at Kings Island now as part of the kid section. Our kiddos love it.