Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mom to the rescue

Benny usually doesn't have any issues with bathrooms. He is good about telling you when he needs to go or just doing it. He likes to have a lot of time to peruse the IPad for certain bathroom times, which I indulge. V had some issues with leaking and wetting which I haven't talked about. I took her to the MD and they said it was "behavioral". WHATEVER. Well, two months after that she became very ill. She was having high fevers and lethargy. I took her back to the MD and insisted that they test her urine, and they found out she had a UTI, which later grew out E.coli on culture. I had demanded a referral to Urology prior to this because I KNEW they were wrong. No seven year old starts wetting the bed and leaking all day long out of the blue. At Urology, they ordered an ultrasound and cystography which thankfully Paul took her too. It was pretty rough. It did show that MAMA was correct, she had urinary reflux and a bladder wall deformity of some sort. That with her encopresis can be a challenge. She is now on prophylactic Bactrim daily to prevent any infections. We have to go back to Urology and I know they are going to want another test and I just don't know if we can get V to go along. Last time she had the luxury of not knowing what was going to happen. It's tough she has another problem to manage, a problem that can have some social stigma to it. But right now she doesn't need surgery, and we are watching it closely.

So we were at counseling for Victoria (her ADHD). Benny and I hang in the waiting room and he is allowed some Ipad time. He was so worried about someone taking away his precious Ipad, that he didn't mention he had to potty and proceeded to have an accident on the waiting room floor. I cleaned it up with paper towels. (It was carpet ). We walked to the car to try and find extra clothes or a swimsuit. There were none. So I took the trash liner out of the garbage, put his clothes in, and tied my sweater around like a skirt. He didn't mind at all. Motherhood - makeshift clothing achievement = unlocked.

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