Friday, January 19, 2007

It's Friday!

This week has been a bit trying, but what week hasn't really? I have had a horrific cough (no fever, no sore throat, no aches), but a dry hacking, hacking cough. My co-workers in fact have started calling me 'the hacker'. It is worse at night and in the evening and I just cough and cough, especially when lying down. It is a good think P is working down in Alabamy for a while (he is coming home tonight - haven't seen him in two weeks!) and is spared the torture of me coughing all night. Monday I finally got in at the MD (they say the UK has bad healthcare, but I could always ring up my surgery and get in the same day there .. sorry tangent) and they gave me the much coveted cough syrup with codeine. Did it help? Nope. Yesterday I called in for assitance and they gave me cough syrup with morphine as well as an antibiotic. Did this do the trick? Why yes, yes it did. I am feeling much better but I think the antibiotic helped (would have helped more if they prescribed in the first place. I used to be in Microbiology. I'm not going to ask for an antibiotic unless I think I need it). Anyway, enough about me, but I was starting to worry I had the consumption or something.

It is snowing out! Made for a lousy drive home from work today, but it is pretty out. I shoveled (pushed an inch of fluffy snow) off the driveway. If we get any sort of accumulation, I will post a photo tomorrow for all you friends that aren't in the area and will find it exciting instead of evil.

The bad thing about opoids, and antibiotics is no Friday night gin and tonic.

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