Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday, Monday......

It seems like a lot of things made me angry today!

Case #1:
I eat two meals a day at work. I bring a lot of food from home and attempt to eat healthy. Due to a constant theft problem in our kitchen, I share a small fridge with my colleague. However, sometimes I leave things very clearly marked with my name in the community fridge. In the past I have had stolen:

Coffee creamer (used day after day until gone, they just kept siphoning it off)
half a container of skim milk
a frozen ice cream bar (which I had taken a bite out of)
a container of cinnamon
an open container of egg beaters
an entire two Liter unopened (that I brought for a party)
a slice of bread in a sandiwch bag
a three day old half sandwich from a conference

The cinnamon is the newest thing. It just angers me to no end. We are all professional people. I left the cinnamon in the fridge (for my oatmeal) clearly marked with my name. I came back two weeks later and only some brown dust remains. What the hell? I left a note demanding a replacement taped to the fridge which the manager asked me to take down because "I took a risk leaving my items there". BS! This is an ongoing problem and thank goodness I have my own fridge now.

Case #2:
I go to the local rec center around 4 times a week. I am friendly with a bunch of older guys that use the Cybex Arc Trainers at the same time I do. Today they somehow started discussing age. They guessed my age at 48. Apparently they were serious. I was so pleased. Guess I won't be wasting any time chatting with them again. I told them I was 30 and that they were a bunch of bastards.

Case #3:
Pfizer, which is a major employer in the Ann Arbor area is closing. That stinks in a major way. Guess we'll be getting lots of resumes for our open positions.

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