Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day 4 of Vacation

This time is going by very quickly. I am up early (always) and P is sleeping. We are at a B & B in the Adironacks in Upstate NY. Absolutely beautiful region with outstanding fall foilage. We spent the night before last in Sackets Harbor New York, and before that in Toronto, which I had never been to, but loved.

You see some crazy stuff when you are on vacation. Crazy additons to double wides, weird houses, usual assortment of homeless people. Yesterday, in Star Lake, NY we saw a Suburban made into a hearse (not very well I might add) parked outside a little funeral home complete with curtains in the rear windows. In Toronto we saw tons of crazy stuff. A strange looking man walking around the city with just one beat up golf club. Just one. Also in Toronto - we went into this highly rated authentic restaurant in Chinatown. It was crowded and we got the last table. At this point, I will also add that we were the only Caucasians aka non chinese in the restaurant. Well, we sat and sat and finally they brought us tea and menus. Then, the ran around taking care of the other patrons, and even the couple sitting a foot from us. But for us - nothing. Not a look, not a nod. 30 minutes at least went by. I drank my tea. Finally I said to P - we're leaving. We got up and I made a beeline for the door (leaving P to deal! - yes, this was planned :) and the waiter wanted to 'take our order'. Well - were the hell were you for the last 30 minutes? P said that we couldn't get anyone to take our order and we were leaving. He had to repeat this several times. It's funny that when we went to leave and perhaps not pay our bill? that we suddenly got their attention. I hope they did plan on making us pay for the tea, either. However, I can't help but wonder that we comitted some major faus pas in the Chinese community - perhaps we were supposed to wave them down when we wanted to order? We tried! Oh well, it won't be the last time I walked out of a restaurant and it wasn't the first. Oddly enough, the last time was for the same issue in a Chinese restaurant of all places.

Well - onward to Boston today. The 5 plus hours of driving each day aren't too bad when you stop and also when you have satellite radio and great books on tape to be honest.

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