Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 6 of Vacation

I am back taking a little break after a full morning of walking around Boston. P has a dinner at MIT and I am going down to meet him at 5:15 or so and attend with him. I am so so proud of him. It's hard to say in words, but I get teared up just thinking about it.

I explored a bunch of places today. Among them, I made it over to Harvard. Wow. Words can't even justify how impressive the school is as a physical place. I disembarked from the Subway and crossed the street, which immediately put me right in the middle of Harvard Yard which was inexpressively beautiful and historic. My jaw dropped open at how impressive it was. I walked around for a bit and took some shots. It's leafy and green, manicured, and stately. Just like you imagine it to be or have seen in movies, it is exactly like that. I have been fortunate to see a lot of things in my life, and Harvard really, really impressed me. Perhaps I wasn't planning on being that impressed. I plan on going back tomorrow morning. If Harvard is posh and perfect, MIT is more like the shed in Grandpa's back yard. It's scattered about on one end of Cambridge and very uniquely styled. It reminds of the 1980's computers for some crazy, odd reason.

Since I've been in Boston the one thing I notice above all other things is the number of policeman and police cars. They are at every corner, pulling people over constantly, directing traffic at every intersection, supervising every construction project, and eating in every restaurant. I see Boston police, Cambridge police, MIT police, Harvard Police, and Traffic Enforcement Police. Is Boston a police state or what????

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