Saturday, February 9, 2008


I meant to write many time lately, but suprisingly things are very busy.

I leave for a conference in San Diego on Monday and I have been busy trying to get things together. It's hard to find any clothes because all my pants are getting too small and the few maternity pants I've purchased are still a bit large. I've worried about flying because I don't like it in the best of cirumstances and now I only have a window seat (I pee all the time now) and NO seat assignment on the way out Monday morning.

I've been feeling well, just tired and getting really hungry all the time. P is watching classes during work time several days a week so he gets home really late those days. I go for my big ultrasound to find out what I am having in 3 weeks and to make sure everything looks okay. I've gained five pounds (the five pounds I lost in the 1st trimester).

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