Friday, January 25, 2008

Annoying people!

I had two annoying conversations at work today:

Riding in the elevator with a new, middle-aged lady that works on my floor

ME: Good morning
Old annoying Lady: HI.
ME: It is freezing out this morning
OAL: Yes I hate it.
ME: Me too.
OAL: Do you have kids?
ME: What?
OAL: Do you have any kids?
ME: No
OAL: Do you want kids?
ME: I like kids
OAL: When are you having some?
ME: I'm not sure

Conversation that just took place in the bathroom at work:

PIA(walking by on her way to the stall) - Have you gained weight?
ME: Whatt???
PIA: Have you gained weight?
ME: Actually no, I lost 5 pounds.
PIA: Oh, I thought you said you gained weight
ME: *Dirty look*

Am i starting to look that visibly pregnant? People I work with are sooo nosy. MYOB - dammit!

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d' pester said...

Jennifer, you got me thinking now about the 2 people in your "blind items".

Other than having to deal with the nosy people at work, hope you're doing well and everything's okay.