Monday, January 21, 2008


It has been so *damn* cold here lately. I hate winter, I hate it, hate it. I'm freezing all the time. I think my iron is low again, even though the ObGYn refused to test it last visit (on Thursday). Otherwise, everything is looking good! I'm so cold that I am at work (in a hot building) and I have on a turtleneck, cardigan and my Irish wool sweater over that. I usually don't stay downstairs at home much these days because it is much colder down there. I physically hurt in the cold, it seeps under my heavy coat and is like pins and needles attacking me. I called the nurse and left a message demanding that I come in and have my iron checked. I know it is low. That is the only reason for it. Yes, it has been a high of 10 degrees F lately, but still. I shouldn't be this cold in a heated building.

I often wonder what it would be like living in a warmer climate. Actuallly, compared to where I grew up, this IS a warmer climate with much less snow. Would I hate the scorching summers of somewhere down south? I think I may. Spring... where are you????

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