Sunday, January 13, 2008

I have been bad about blogging lately. Honestly, I've been fairly tired. This morning I woke up and planned on going to the gym, but I felt a bit nauseous and dizzy, thus maybe I will go later (yeah) or walk on the treadmill at home. In the evenings I have spent a fair amount of time laying in bed and reading. I am still managing to get to the gym and do a light workout 3-4 times a week which I think helps my sleep and my aches and pains. The motivation is just not there lately, I'm pretty tired and it's January, and I think I miss P (16 days to go). Also - I don't think I'm eating enough (did you even think this would ever be a problem for me?) since I am still 5 lbs down since I found out I was pregnant.

I am really starting to show (I'm 12 weeks now) and I think I will have to do some explaining very soon. I looked at maternity clothes yesterday which made me both excited and nervous since I never thought I would have a child. This fills me a little dread because people I work with are very nosy and gossipy. They will ask me if I did IVF, did I take drugs, etc, how old I am. I have to come up with a really good response to these questions prior to the asking. I am thinking, "Oh my goodness - that's personal!" and act shocked. Any suggestions?

Last night I went to see "I am Legend" with a pal. Stellar movie. I really enjoyed it so very much. I tend to like end-of-the-world type movies/books since I read Steven King's "The Stand" which is my super favorite book of all time, hands down. I highly recommend it. Since P is gone, there is much less to do (I hate to say it... ). Less laundry, no lunches to pack, less shopping, less dishes, etc. More time to read! I used to be a voracious reader, but really got out of the habit 3 or so years ago.

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