Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Spring

Happy belated Easter. I attended Mass at a closer church (not my regular) which was so packed with people, that it wins an award for the most crowded church ever. P didn't go which it is hard to go alone on Easter. I knew when I married him that he wasn't churchy, but it still hurts to go alone on Easter. We didn't go North nor West which disappointed the families. My side of the family had boiled dinner (yuck) of which when I was a kid was my least favorite meal next to chicken legs, baked potatoes, and canned peas. It consists of boiling polish sausage, cabbage, potatos, carrots, beans in a pot and eating it. It's bland and tasteless. I think it is totally a midwestern thing because I was talking to another co-worker about it and she had the same opinion. I told my mom (again) on the phone that I hated it, and she was all defensive that "every loves it - it has potatos and carrots". THus, as nice as it would have been to see my family, that would have been a definate negative. Now that I've once again ran down my mom's cooking (believe me, my mom's cooking is 100% better than my MIL's - pie and potato salad notwithstanding).....

P and I debated going out or making dinner here. We ended up being invited to our Austrian friends home where we had ham, wine, (not me), grapes, homemade bread (yes, A made a GF loaf for me:), Brie (not me), Mozarella, homemade dip and veggies, and delicious GF cake for dessert. We ended up playing games for most the afternoon (Ra, Settlers of Catan, Carcasonne) and it was quite relaxing.

We are all very ready for Spring here. It is gray and dismal today with misty rain/snow due to start at any time.

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