Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A rant.... (my favorite)

I am going to going to go off on another rant here. And I apologize in advance. I belong to a community organization with many stay at home moms. These moms have husbands that obviously make quite a bit of money. Their houses are big and well furnished (much more than what I have) with new matching furniture, they highlight their hair and drive newer SUVs and minivans. Thus, I don't think they are hurting for money (or else they are in serious, serious debt).

I don't know if these women get bored or what, but all of them have their "at home businesses". Many of these women are very, very high pressure when they find out I work, have co-workers, and earn money. I have been invited to so many of these parties by well meaning acquintances that I just can't take any more of it. I'm thrilled someone thought enough of me to invite me, but more often a little voice inside me says you are invited so you will spend money and they will "earn free stuff" off of you.

Even worse is the pressure to have a party at my house, invite all my co-workers. "You can earn free stuff". I think asking my co-workers to subsidize my purchases from some at home business is disrespectful, insulting, and ricidulous. Many of these 'organizers' do not pick up on hints that I am not interested in having a party and that I have too much going on right now. Once I have to be firm with them - I am cut off. They no longer make an effort to be friendly or seem to want to be my friend so badly. It hurts. But I guess I'm glad I knew beforehand. I try to limit myself to attending two parties per year because it is expensive, and I really don't need any more stuff. Plus, most of the stuff I've gotten at these parties (with the exception of Tastefully Simple and Pampered Chef) ends up being over expensive junk that sits in my drawer. This past year I have been invited and/or pressured to host the following parties (yes, I kept track):

Silpada Jewelry Parties - 2
Creative Memories Scrapbooking -4
Stamping Parties - 2
Cookie Lee Jewelry Party - 2
Arbonne - 2
Tastefully Simple - 3
Body Shop - 2
Pampered Chef - 2
Some sort of Handbag party - 2
Partylite Candles - 1
Jockey clothing line - 4
Lia Sophia Jewelry - 2 (I went to one because it was a good friend, was highly pressured by the saleslady and went home with crummy jewelry which was expensive and I hated)
Mary Kay - 3
Longaberger baskets - 1
Taste of Home Entertaining - 2
Southern Living - 1

I'm done now :)

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