Monday, March 31, 2008

So what have I been doing lately (if anyone cares :)

It seems some days I have a great deal of energy. Saturday for instance, I had a great workout at the gym (cardio & weights). I did some clean up, ran errands with P, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, etc. Sunday, I was pretty useless. Did some grocery shopping and walked through Kohls. Took a 1 1/2 hour nap. P even made lunch.

Overall, I am feeling well and amazed at all kind remarks from people. There also have been many, many nosy questions from people I hardly am acquainted with as well as strangers - The most common goes like this-

Nosy: "What are going to name the baby"
Me: We're not sure yet
Nosy: What names are you considering?
Me: We are still discussing that
Nosy: Well, what names are on your long list?
Me: We don't have a list

I find the following questions prying and some bordering on offensive:
How much weight have you gained?
How long are you taking off?
Are you coming back to work?
You're really small, aren't you worried?
Was this planned?

I think how far along are you, is this your first & what is the sex are reasonable questions.

Unfortunately the baby will have to share the smallish spare bedroom. There is a double bed and dresser in there and we are going to pop a crib and hopefully changing table in there. I'd love a rocking chair, but there is just no room. I did clean out tons of junk and still have a few issues to take care of, but it is looking much, much better. I am nervous about really starting to get it fixed up, that makes it seem really final and it's a little bit scary (in a good way) that this is actually happening. There is a Moms & Tots sale my organization is holding on Saturday and I would like to pick up a few things - maybe a changing area for downstairs, a basinette, and a travel crib perhaps. We'll see.

Thanks for thinking of me............

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