Thursday, April 24, 2008

Start of Third Trimester

This pregnancy "thing" is certainly moving along quickly. I still can't believe that in a few months, I will have a child of our very own. It's just unbelievable. I'm sometimes afraid - afraid to enjoy being pregnant, afraid to enjoy being happy about the impending birth, afraid to buy things for the baby like a crib, to pick out a name, to have a shower, afraid to be too attached already. I think that may be common amongst the infertiles. I did buy some great bedding this weekend at the Pottery Barn Outlet - already marked down + another 40% off. Although I absolutely loved the crib bumper pad, I constantly read about how dangerous they are, so I did not purchase which saved me a lot of $$$. I did sort of a mix/match theme on what was available there and ended up with a purple/lilac quilt, white/lt green bedskirt, green/lilac/purple sheet, purple/lilac sham, green cribsheet, lt green curtains and a white/garden themed tulip bedspread for the spare bed. I think it will go well with some of the mobiles/stuff from Beatrix Potter that I bought in the UK and have never used. Thus I need to get a curtain rod, crib, crib mattress, changing table, nightlight, lamp, changing pad. It seems like a lot of nurseries have those letters to spell out names to hang on the wall and I would like to pick them up at a craft store and paint them myself. I wanted a rug and lamp from Pottery Barn Outlet, but they didn't have anything I wanted at a good price. Thus - I am going up North for Memorial Day and will try to stop there then. P thought the bedding was kind of plain, but I did want something plain (no three foot snoopy for me). I'll see how it goes.

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