Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Grandma and Baptism

So I got word that my Grandma was failing last week sometime. My mom's mother was completely healthy her whole life until she turned 92 and had a stroke. This one left her speech affected and she had to go into a adult foster care home which is different than a nursing home. Typically the patients can walk and feed themselves and basically need supervision. She really hated the place and was used to being fiercely independent. Anyway, she became really anemic and had a few more strokes and seizures and declined in health over the 5 1/2 years (ugh) she was there. She almost died several times but kept rallying. In May when she came to my baby shower she was in pretty good shape, but couldn't say much. I brought Vi up in October and she couldn't really speak, but sat there with a vacant look on her face. My sister and I were the closest to Grandma out of the six cousins and spent tons of time with her when we were small.

The funeral was very lovely. I was asked to do the readings which brought back all the times when the nun would have me read in church in 6th & 7th grades (the same church). There was a funeral luncheon and the visitation was nice too. The priest kept saying that it was so nice to have four generations there, the newest of which was my Victoria. I felt like a celebrity because everyone went nuts over Vi. On the annoying side, they kept grabbing and her and touching her even when she was sleeping.

I've been wanting to get her baptized so badly. P is raised Catholic but not church-y at all. I don't go as much as I should because I don't like to go alone very much, however I pray very often and have a personal relationship with God. Vi is already over four months, which is quite old to be baptized. The Catholic church usually requires you be a tithing member of the church and take six months worth of classes, etc. With P's work schedule, we just can't do it. I explained to Father at the luncheon that she was truly the result of the hand of God and a miracle baby like in the Gospel where Elizabeth is barren and the Angel comes to her and John the Baptist is born. He said we should contact him when we are at Christmas and he will do the Baptism. Well I cried. Grandma is responsible for this one.

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