Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So Vi is now four months old day and full of smiles and fun. I totally adore her so very much. She is doing all sorts of fun things now and interacting with people.

* she is very grabby with her hands. She likes to hold things and not necessarily shove them in her mouth yet, which is nice. She likes to play and hold things out to look at them with a look of concentration on her face. She can grab the toys on her floor gym and just pull on them.

* her hair is really coming in and I think it may be blond to start (yeah) and curly (double yeah!) - just like her mama's was.
*She's been so hungry I've started her on a little rice cereal which she has the evenings. She is eager to eat it and opens her mouth wide, but is no very coordinated and ends up all hunched over eating it (pictures to follow), so I end up holding her up with one hand and feeding her with the other.

*When she is really happy, she likes to talk to you. She will giggle and laugh and make these cat-like screeching noises to converse back and forth with you. I love it so, so much.

*Her sleep hasn't been so great since Thanksgiving. After sleeping from 8:30 - 6:30 fairly regularly, she now is sleeping like 9-5:30 or sometimes up at 2 or 3.

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Anonymous said...

Jen - cannot believe your little miracle is so old. I'm so happy for you.