Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So yesterday was "one of those days".

1. It was last day of work prior to vacation. And it was crazy! More last minute requests, a patient died (necessitating tons of unplanned paperwork), demands, a 2.5 hour team lunch, etc. I finally left at 5:15 in time to pick up the bug at daycare prior to 6:00 p.m. when it closes. This necessitating me working for 3 hours from home this morning, so I didn't get to go to the gym.

2. It was brutally, horrifically cold out. All day. And it stank just getting into your car.

3. When I picked up the bug, she had fell asleep in the swing there and when I woke her up, promply started screaming. I smelled that she had pooped and decided to change her there. While I was changing her, more poop started to come out and I hurried to find another diaper to slap on her little butt as fast as I could, but got poop all over my hands and the changing table. I then waited for her to finish, (btw - it was her fourth poop of the day!) and then started to change her. She peed all over the table, the paper, her outfit and the new diaper I was holding. I stripped her down and she had already went through two outfits with spit up, so I ended up throwing a long sleeve onsie on her and wrapping her up really well. She then spit up on the onsie when I was putting her in her car seat, so I made a beeline for home.

4. She screamed at home and wanted me to hold her while she napped so I ate some cold GF lasagna out of the pan because that was all I was able to do.

5. I had stomach issues all day yesterday and burning heartburn.

6. My mother is laying the guilt on thick. Very thick. Only once have I not been at my mother's house on Christmas Day. This year, with the bug and our hectic schedules, we wanted to stay home. My mom started crying when I told her (she has my sister's to go to, it's not like she is alone) and just made me feel guilty and awful and guilty and upset. Why can't she be accomodating??? We were just up there last week (it's a 4-5 hour drive each way that my baby hates) and we are exhausted. We were planning on going up the day after Christmas, but decided to go up on the 27th - 28th. She's isn't going to like and is going to make me feel like crap. And frankly, I am just too tired and annoyed and upset to even try to deal with it.

And that's why I ate a LOT of M & M's yesterday.

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clarkie300 said...

Wow that really was "one of THOSE days"!!! I'm really sorry though, I did have to laugh at the poop story, I can totally relate, and with 2 still in diapers, some days are really really sh**ty!!!
Why does it seem when one thing goes wrong, everything else does too? I feel like I'm having one of those MONTHS!
Hope your day tomorrow is better!