Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where has she gone?

Surprise of all surprises, Vi has been having a difficult time sleeping. The last two weekends the naps went. I tried to put her down and the minute she went into the crib alone, she woke up. She wasn't even overtired as she usually becomes when not napping. Her usual 3 hour nap at daycare became two. She usually wakes up in the night to eat around three. Last night, she wouldn't go down to bed until 10:00. Then she was up at 1 actually crying (usually just talks and sings until I come get her), then ate 6 oz, then was up at 3:20 (which I ignored) and then 5:20. At 5:20 I ran in and put on her Sunny Sunshine to give me 10 minutes more in bed. I then changed her and fed her (4 oz), and put her in her play seat in the bedroom and jumped back into bed with P for 15 minutes.

What happened to my kid that sleeps? Perhaps is she teething????



Kelly said...

I think she may be teething. Sam stopped sleeping through the night then and when he started crawling. I think he got to an age where he just required less sleep. Which was bad for all of us I might add.....

gretchen said...

I know our schedule has been off ever since daylight savings time. Plus, my little one had a head cold and that throws it all off. THen once you are off it is sometimes hard to get back to a routine again.