Friday, June 12, 2009

10 months old!

Vi is now 10 months old. It seems like she has been my baby forever. How blessed am I to have her in my life? Seriously. I wait every day to run out from work and kiss her little cheek and to see her wave her arms and become excited that "mommy" is here. My heart had such a dark void and she has filled it in. The sappy stuff now over, Here is Vi's latest -

- Trying to get Vi to drink from a sippy cup. She seems to prefer the one with the hard spout vs the soft spout. I can get her to take some water from one, but she mostly wants to chew on the spout.
- The teeth are here. The bottom two are almost in and I can feel one hard bud on the top center. She's been teething and drooling like crazy so hopefully they will make an appearance soon.
-she is not really liking food with textures. She doesn't know how to mash food with her jaws. Any ideas for teaching this to her?
- Daycare is going very well. The other children are a source of amusement and entertainment for her. She likes being there. WHen they scream and cry, she puts her hands over her ears and looks around like hey - "Can someone shut this kid up?"
- When we went to visit my mother's the new environment + new toys + constant attention = increased movement. She is turning on her belly and rolling and moving from sit to belly. Beyond that - not so much. She loves to stand when you hold her fingers, but trying to get her to move her feet is difficult.
- She speaks a lot. Mama, dada and now ma-mee, da-dee, nanananan when she wants something. She will also say "hi" all drawn out.
- Her stranger anxiety is becoming a bit better. She's terrified of the daycare owner that she sees every day. She puts her arms over her eyes and peers out warily. That's her shy face (I have to get a picture) and it's just adorable.
- She can hold her own bottle, but just needs to tip it more at an angle.

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Julie said...

wow, she's doing so great! I'm so happy to hear about all these fun changes and milestones she's passing. Great job mommy! Vi is so beautiful and smart!