Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I've got the fever...

Vi was lethargic all weekend. As a toddler that never, ever stops and fights any type of restraint with vehemnent opposition, it was a big surprise. She spent most of the day laying on Paul dozing in and out. She felt a big feverish, and I took her temperature under her arm which was 101 (I didn't realize you had to add a degreee to make it 102). I gave her Tylenol and she perked right up after it took effect. On Sunday, she felt warm off and on and I gave her more Tylenol. We went to get family pics and she seemed well. She took a nap on the couch while P worked on his thesis and I ran to the grocery store. When I got home he said that she was just laying there with her eyes open. I walked over and picked her up and her eyes were glazed over and she was burning up. We took her out to the car and took her to URgent Care. Poor baby, I think the cool air felt nice and she started babbling in her cute little way.

At Urgent Care she had a fever of 105 F and was very ill and lethargic. She still tried to fight them off which was a good sign. The fever was borderline for transferring to the Hospital Emergency Room and for admission. I really saw myself spending the night in the Hospital with her. They gave her a bolus of Tylenol and Motrin and 20 minutes later her fever was down to 102, so they let us take her home with strict instructions. It was thought she had Strep Throat or even Swine Flu.

The next morning when I followed up the Pediatrician she said it was a severe ear infection. I was really surprised that there was such a high fever with an ear infection. Poor baby. She is much better and even went to Daycare today.


Julie said...

Aw, I'm so glad she's doing better. That had to be so scary.

Anonymous said...

So glad she's better! Poor baby.