Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vi's first intestinal virus

I have a post about VI finally walking, but it is not completed yet. Yes, she is walking! I almost died when she did it, but mama ended up crying instead.

Tuesday morning, we had to take my car in for a light being out. I was here when P woke up VI and the first thing we noticed was the smell. VI had made poo-poos in the night (she NEVER has done this before) and her diaper was chock full of loose stoool. It was a two person job to clean up. Her stools have become looser all week and now she has full on diarrhea whenever she eats anything - about 5-6 times per day. Poor baby. She seems to be fine, eating well and the like. I called the nurse at the Pediatrician's Office, and she felt it was a stomach virus that could last up to two weeks. She advised the signs of dehydration and said no fruit or veg for a while.

This morning, P had to go to the office for the day. Sigh. Vi and I were going to hit some Mom to Mom sales since the ones today allowed strollers. Vi was sitting in her highchair eating bits of scrambled egg when she turned beet red. Welts and bloches rose up all over her face and her eye started to swell shut. Oh no! I said to P - "did you see her face???" She was done with the egg by now and started drinking her milk. She wasn't having any trouble breathing. I called the Ped and thank goodness that they have emergency hours on Saturday. Her facial redness had faded a LOT by then, but the welts/hives were still visible. Her body was also covered in a rash which she attriubuted to the virus (I'm not so sure) and eczema. THe MD said no milk for a while to heal her intestines, and definately, no eggs! SHe has to go see the allergist next week. SIgh. I bought soy milk and she suggested soy formula for a while, so I"ll see how this goes. She fell asleep on the way home from Trader Joe's and has been sleeping on the couch for an hour; missing lunch.

Frankly, I think she has a milk allergy and this is really not a stomach virus at all.

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Gretchen H. said...

With a family history of allergies (or at least yours) i wouldn't be surprised if she has a milk allergy. Sometimes the pediatrician's office is no help at all and the parents have to figure it out themselves. I think sometimes "mother's intuition" is better than professional advice. ;)