Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

* I'm back at work now. Everyone thought I looked terrible and very swollen. They didn't see immediately after the surgery. Also, I tend to be more swollen in the morning after being horizontal all night during sleep.
* V has been peeing and pooping in the potty most evenings. The key is NO DIAPER. She has to be in underwear, nude, or commando. Then she will use it with prompting. Then get candy. Which makes her giddy with happiness.
* It was 85 degrees the last two days here. We have the a/c on. Next week the high is supposed to be 55.
* Looking for bedding for V's new big girl bed. Love Pottery Barn but don't want to pay the price. Kohl's is a big gaudy. I like Target, but no sales there. Sigh. Did buy a set of great pink and white sheets at Pottery Barn Outlet for $17 marked down from $59.
* Someone at my place of employment is young and pregnant. They got pregnant "on the first try". Ughhhhh. Happy for them, but I feel like a sad sack.
* Totally into "Game of Thrones" book since I watched it on HBO. Not usually a fan of fantasy genre, but fabulous!
* Bristol Palin is claiming she had jaw surgery. Hmmmmmm. Maybe. But I think she had a chin implant too. I want to see to before/after X-rays to be sure.
* My jaw surgery blog is:

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Anonymous said...

man i hate those easy pregnancy people. my SIL just called the other day and said that she was 14 days late for her period. this would have been her 4th kid. and her husband has a vas! BUT it ended up being a false alarm. but it was always super easy for her to get pregnant!!!

how does it feel to be back at work? are you wearing your "towel" still :)