Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Petting Farm

I took V for the 2nd time to a nearby petting farm. We met a friend, M, who used to be in V's class, but is not now that V moved up (she is a little bit younger). There was carrots to purchase to feed the goats, sheep, rabbits, cows and alpacas. V would not feed them, she was too afraid. M was fearless. V had so much fun running around! The last time we did the hayride (which was surprisingly fun, but V coughed all night from allergies), but they weren't running this time. I bought her a pony ride and because M went first, she actually went. And liked it!

It is times like this that I am filled with gratitude and love over having a child and getting to be a mother.


Searching for Serenity said...

Fun! I know she's a little young yet, but I hope by looking at the pictures it sparks some memories for her down the road. I wish we had something like that near us. Nugget LOVES animals.

Do I see some curls in the back?

Anonymous said...

omg. she looks like she is getting H.U.G.E!! :)

where is this?

JEN said...

Domino's. We also go to Maybury Farm, but I like Domino's better. We should meet there soon :)

Gretchen said...

We really like Domino's, too. Audrey is like that as well, hesitant to do things, but if other kids are doing things she'll watch and then join right in.