Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Growing Up

My kid is growing up. And while I’m glad about it, I’m also sad. Because I only have one child, I have to cherish each and every milestone with her since I don’t get to enjoy again it with additional children. In no way would I take it for granted, but I don’t get to spread the enjoyment out over multiple children. We infertiles grab on to every day with such appreciation for our kids.

She’s been sleeping in a big girl bed for the last week. It actually is a very big bed – a full one. She never made a peep about her beloved crib, including when Daddy took it down yesterday and put in in the garage and mama cried. She did fall out of bed twice on Sunday night, but Daddy heard and dealt with it both times.

Potty training has been going well. I can’t believe I finally got to say that! About two weeks ago, I noticed I had greater success if she was naked from the waist down. (She runs around our house in various shades of undress and loves it). So I took away the diapers, except for at night. She’s been in underwear with some accidents (a poo-poo at the park yesterday included) and a few more at school, but overall is doing great! She usually tells us when she needs to go and runs to her little princess potty that is currently in the corner of the kitchen (how KLASSY), but our bathroom is still under construction. Then she gets two M & M’s or two Sixlets.  She also has gone in strange bathrooms when we were out places.

By the way – what is going on with Blogger? I can’t leave comments : 

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Searching for Serenity said...

I agree. We infertiles don't take one second for granted. I believe that now more than ever!!

So you guys made the transition to the big girl bed?? I've been wondering when we should do that. Nugget isn't trying to climb out of his crib yet, so I'm happy knowing he's safe there. I'm assuming we'll know when it's time.

I hope potty training continues to go well!!