Tuesday, April 23, 2013

11 months old

*Army crawls like a flash.  Likes to complete a loop around the house stopping to look at things along with the way.
*Loves to play with the “boing, boing” door stoppers that look like springs
* loves to stand on your lap and get pulled back and forth with his arms.
* Follows mama around the house and waits outside the door to the garage, the bathroom, and the shower.  You have to check carefully when you open doors.
* Has only pulled up to a stand once.  Not sure why he hasn’t done more of that.
* Not interested in walking behind the walk with help.
* Will not self feed, or East Stage 3 foods, or cheerios or puffs.  Will gag and throw up. (bit worried about this….)
* Will not put a sippy cup spout or straw past his lips
* Very, very clingy to mama when she is around.  Regards new people suspiciously before he decides he likes them or not.
* LOVES knocking down block towers that mama builds.
* Doing better sleeping (shhh), but still wakes up in the night or early in the morning (too early)
* Likes to squeal back and forth at his sister when she screetches at him.
* Does not really like riding in the jogging stroller
*Finally gave up the morning nap
* Has two bottom teeth and two front silly looking teeth coming in.
* Does not like to chew on toys (BIG surprise).  Does not put much in his mouth.
* Been out of the baby carrier carseat for around a month (thank goodness, my arm was shot).


The Captain's Wife said...

Thanks for prompting me to do an 11 month post too. Can you believe these boys are going to be 1!!! Gah!!!

Anonymous said...

how is it 11 months already?

email coming your way.

MrsSpock said...

Could he have a small oral aversion?

Gretchen H. said...

he's getting so big!!!!

Gretchen H. said...

he's getting so big!!!!