Wednesday, April 17, 2013

House update

How are you?

Things again are crazy.  We are still trying to unpack from moving houses.  It’s difficult to get ahead without taking time off because there are all the normal things to do – laundry, baths, dishes, cooking, shopping, sweeping.  It leaves little time to cut into the bulk of moving chores.

We did finally sell out new house.  It wasn’t on the market very long, but we had to lower the price quite a bit.  We are supposed to close in a few weeks.  We’re really not making any money on the sale, but not losing any either, so I should be glad about that.  Oh and even though they new buyers don’t actually own the house yet – the tested paint samples in the kitchen.  Can you believe that? 

 I don’t quite feel like I belong at the new neighborhood yet.   I miss the schoolyard to walk down to with the kids or the park.  I miss chatting with neighbors in the evenings when we are outside and P works late.  Those are things about the neighborhood I miss, rather than the house.  I liked my old dishwasher better.  The front door is faded purple and I need to take care of that ASAP. 

The new house is very nice.  Laundry is so easy with the laundry room off of the garage.  No more racing up and down two flights of stairs.  The pantry is great – I can see what we have and keep the counters less uncluttered.  There are so many windows and we get so much more natural light.  The kids having their own bathroom with their bath toys is wonderful.  No more slipping on toys in the shower.  The linen closet is huge and I don’t have to stuff towels and sheet in there haphazardly to make them fit.  It’s great to have a kitchen island.  I don’t have to make a left turn at a crazy no-light intersection to get to daycare. 

Things are coming along.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to live in such a nice house.  This summer I hope I can meet some little friends for V.  IT’s difficult to break into established social groups.

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Anonymous said...

i HATE moving and unpacking. HATE it. like almost hate it enough to consider NEVER moving again!!!

hope you're doing well and not surrounded by too many boxes. :)