Thursday, April 18, 2013


1.        “Hipster glasses” – what is up with these big clunky plastic frames from the 1980’s.  They didn’t look so great then, and I think they are only marginally more fashionable now. 
2.       Cirumcision – oops. Biggie.   Since the birth of my son and the research I’ve done, I developed an anti-circumcism view.  I just don’t think it is necessary to electively operate on an itty bitty baby so soon after birth for in most cases, non-religious or purely cosmetic reasons.  I don’t judge those that do it, I just don’t believe it myself and I don’t like my tax dollars going to pay for it for patients born on Medicaid and I don’t think insurance companies should pay for it either.  That will decrease the practice in this country quickly.
3.       Gluten-free.   This does not pertain to the people that have gluten intolerance, or celiac.  It’s the people that think it is the “cool” “healthy” thing to do.  It is not a fun way of eating, it is highly inconvenient and socially crippling at times, especially for children.  It requires a lot of advance planning and feeling left out.  It angers me to no end that people say they are trying it because it “sounds interesting”.  GAH!
4.       Bright white tennis shoes.  With dress pants.  And bright white socks.  Especially on senior ladies.  It looks so silly.  Buy A colored pair of sneakers or one good pair of all around leather shoes like the Europeans do.  You will look so much better.  I even got my mom wearing black or gray shoes with black or gray socks.  It looks so much better.
5.       Other moms – We are our own worst enemies.  People thinking my baby should be walking by now or talking more by now or reading out loud or something.  He is a baby.  That the woman at daycare with the very chubby baby is doing something wrong.  She’s not.  He’s just a chubby baby.  He’ll probably outgrow it.  All kids are different.  Mind your own business. Don’t judge so much.

Had to be said.  Whew…..


The Captain's Wife said...

<3 it!! We did not circumcise S. I quite honestly didn't do much (but did some), T on the other hand, he researched the hell out of it. T feels a huge amount of resentment and anger about his parents circ'ing him.

M-in-law said...

How does your husband feel about being circumsized?

Anonymous said...

i also don't get those hipster glasses!!! ha. and they're EVERYWHERE!!!

Barb said...

We didn't do circumcision for purely cosmetic reasons. We did it b/c Hub had it done as an older child and hated that. Would have rather had it done as a baby. And we knew 3 other men (a 50 yr old, a 60 something and an 8 year old) who had to have it done later because of the adhesion problem. We were trying to make an informed decision based on those issues. It's a hot topic issue, very personal and most people do research the hell out of it even if they elect to do it.