Monday, July 21, 2014


I started this some time ago, and only now am finishing the post.

You are two years old and I can’t believe it.

You still don’t talk that much. Your favorite words are “mama”, “All done”, “go outside”, “milk”, “Ipeeed” (Ipod), and “elmo”.
You love to go outside. To run, to kick a ball, to swing, to slide, to hit a ball off the tee, to run the cozy coupe down the driveway, to play in the water table.
Your favorite foods are watermelon, cut up grapes (red ONLY), yogurt, and “fries”. You still dislike ICE CREAM!!!!!
You still can’t/won’t drink from a cup or straw. Grrr. You also drool a lot. Still. Even with your tonsils out.
You like to watch Elmo and Peppa Pig on the Ipad. You love the Ipad. I have to hide it.
You have been sleeping in your big boy bed which is both wonderful and sad (for mama).
In shirts you wear a 2T and in pants 18-24 months (still a little big).
Balls are your favorite thing, soccer balls, baseballs, basketballs, golf balls.
“Little Hippo’s New School” is your favorite book.
Your hair is starting to come in blonder and curly.
Playgrounds are your idea of heaven. If they don’t have toddler swings you get really mad.
Leaving playground results in a tantrum 75% of the time following by me having to carry you back to the car.
You hate bicycle helmets and forced teeth brushing.
When I sit on the end of the couch you like to climb on the end table and launch your body on top on my lap. While laughing. Again and again.
Sometimes you get snotty and yell “no” at least three times in succession. If you are really mad, you will toss your hat on the ground in protest.
There is zero interest in using the potty and you won’t even sit on it.
Your favorite toys are balls, sorting shape toys, and the very old 1970’s Little People Castle at my mother’s house.
You try to turn away when mom gives you kisses because you are very busy.

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