Friday, July 18, 2014

Angry Angry

Daycare was closed for the week for vacation. Since I took time off the week of the 4th, I didn’t want to take off again. P is in North Carolina for work. I hired a girl (aged 17) that had sat for us twice before, once went poorly, I gave her another chance, but then she did much better. Well this week didn’t go well. I instructed her the main issue is to take the children outside. It was sunny and nice. TAKE THEM OUTSIDE. She did not. For the entire three days. They basically watched movies all three days. She didn’t clean up after lunch. She gave B unlimited milk (Despite my warnings) and V unlimited soda. V gave her a very hard time. I think she knew she could run her. It’s like Caesar the dog trainer says – someone needs to be the pack leader. When there isn’t one, the other dogs will be very uneasy and try to take over. Every day when I got home, B’s diaper was soaked. He developed a terrible red burn/chap from his butt not being wiped properly. When I contacted her she listed all the places she would take them. I installed car seats in her car. Finally after much probing I called her out on and she admitted she was not comfortable driving them around. JUST SAY SO. I was angry. The very worst is how poorly behaved the kids were every night at home. Crazy, crabby, short-fused. I told her I didn’t need her on Thursday and we were done. What a disappointment.

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MrsSpock said...

I would be ticked off too. That is crazy your day care shuts down for vacation.