Thursday, July 17, 2014

Big Boy

Before Benny's surgery I had P move a bed into his room so I could sleep next to him and administer medication and watch for bleeds. It's not a huge room, so we moved out the changing table and I sold it. The bed is a double which it huge for little kids (his sister has one too), but wonderful for us. We can read to the kids, sleep there if need be, give it away to guests. I highly recommend it instead of a twin bed. SInce then, he has kept sleeping in the crib. At night, I've been hanging out with him in the bed until he falls asleep and moving him to the crib. Wednesday night he kept crying a lot and so I moved him to the bed and slept (haha, not really) next to him. Last night he fell asleep in the big bed, and I left him there. He slept all night! Then he opened the door and came downstairs like an adult human, quite pleased with himself. The negative is that he won't be able to sit in his crib and read until someone comes and gets him (giving mom extra sleep time).

Right now, he has a quilt from the Pottery Barn Outlet on his "big boy" bed. It's sharks. It is so so cute. I'd like find the other pieces of the set, but the outlet is over an hour away, and "who's got time for that"?

When the crib is no longer used by this baby I will be sad. It was given to us by friends - a beautiful, blonde wood Italian made Ragazzi. No one wants a drop side crib. I want P to make it into a porch swing ala Pinterest, but it probably won't happen.

Here he is eating yogurt:

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