Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hair Cut

V's hair is looking pretty shaggy since it is finally growing out from the great scissors incident of 2014. I took her to a chain haircutting place called "Cookie Cutters". She loves it there. You get to sit in a car of some sort while the stylist cuts your hair. They select a TV program on your personal TV. There are toys and a slide to play on while you wait. The best part is that you get a balloon AND a sucker at the end. I usually don't make an appointment because they enjoy playing there so much, so we don't mind a wait. On our drive over yesterday after work, we pulled in and Benny yelled "hair cut!". "I get my hair cut". Uh no buddy. You really don't have much hair. They played and acted like wild children on the slide. V got set up for her cut, so Benny had to get in a car to "get his hair cut". Thankfully, they are very nice about these things. He ran over for a balloon and a sucker when she was done. He told everyone proudly, "I got my hair cut". When I am old and gray, I will remember how cute this is.

Also - they are kids in there a year old that had something like 5 haircuts by now. Benny is definitely following in his sister's footsteps and running late in hair development.

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