Monday, January 12, 2015

Someone's got a case of the Mondays....

hahaha. That movie!

But really. Last night it snowed and Paul left my car outside. We have a three car garage (okay, really a two car garage since one side is full of stuff). I was running late this morning (what a surprise!). I always think I am all ready to go and then I realize I need to do things like put the ice pack in V's lunch, put a snack in her backpack, lay out her coat, lay out Benny's coat and shoes, make sure they both have gloves and hats. I did that today and made sure I had my stuff by the door - phone, purse, bag, lunch. Today I had extra stuff - workout clothes, a laptop bag & a bag of kid toys for my coworker. I hit the garage door opener and realized my car wasn't in the garage! GAH! It snowed three inches, so I was going to need to do some snow clearing. NOT HAPPY. I started it and cleared off too much snow, mentally cursing out P and Michigan in general. This took at least 10 minutes. Then I knew that he would have to put out garage at the curb and keep the kids out of the snow and put on boots, etc. So I knew the Christian thing to do was to drag all the garbage to the curb. Which I did. My hands were freezing; even in gloves. I finally left ~ 15 min late and promptly got behind an accident. GAH! It took me an extra 25 min to get to work, then I came in. When I got to my desk, where is my lunch bag and breakfast??? Hmmm. I walked over to the water coolers (I love water coolers, so thankful for this perk) and realized they were all out. Both of them! Okay. So then I walked back out to my car and found I forgot my lunch!! The tears almost started. I keep some things at work, but now I need to buy lunch.

What a MONDAY!

Today I am going to offer up my exasperation/stress to the patron Saint of the Day, St. Marguerite Bourgeoys. Also to keep in mind that I am fortunate. To have a job I can be late to and not be fired. To have a car. To have a garage. To have garbage pick up. To have my children go to a great school and daycare. To make it to work safely. It's all about perspective.

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