Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The hell wasn't so hellish.....

so for those that care - thanks for thinking of me and sending good vibes my way for Monday. Everything went very well. I won't write too much about bowels and bowel prep here for the squemish, but my prep was excellent (yeah - I'm so proud :). I think the two day prep and eating lighter in the days leading up really helped. I thought the GoLytely tasted much better than the Halflytely, less thick and salt. Someone else on the net said it tasted like old swamp water that sat in a rusty pipe and I tend to agree. It did NOT come with any flavoring, so I mixed the glasses with some lemon honey green tea crystal light I had around. I only had to drink half the gallon before things started coming out clear, so I was like, "I'm done". That was good because I was nauseous, even though I only drank one glass per 30 minutes instead of one every 15 minutes. I had no stomach cramping or vomiting like last time which was a HUGE relief.

Monday morning I was a bit thirsty. I don't remind the colonoscopy or the endoscopy and felt quite drugged afterwards. It did look like Celiac dx on the scope. However - my biopsies came back are negative for Celiac. Now what?

Thanks to everyone for all the prayers and good wishes.

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