Sunday, February 21, 2010


It is no secret growing up that my very favorite toys were Fisher Price Little People playsets. We had the circus train, the Castle, the downtown Village, and the schoolhouse. Family friends had the barn, the house, the airport, and the garage so I loved to play with those as well. The houseboat was on my list for years, but I never got it (insert sad music here). The sets in the 1970's (gulp, I'm old) had little people with tons of accessories. I don't know if they were expensive, but the Castle is the only one my parents purchased new. The schoolhouse had a working bell, two trays of magnetic letters and numbers that stored inside and you could put on the magnetic roof, a side door, a clock with hands that moved, cut out windows, playground equipment including a swingset and merry go round, desks, and people. The best toy ever.

I know that sometime in the late 1980's the Little People were deemed a choking risk and made larger. That's fine. However, I cannot believe the way the sets were cheapened up. My mum bought V the present day schoolhouse for Christmas at my urging. I'm so disapointed. It looks like a little lunchbox and you can barely fit the two desks and two people that come with it. I am going to write them a letter, seriously.

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MrsSpock said...

I loved my Little People Barn from back in the early 80s- they have definitely gotten lamer.