Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers - Saturday Edition

I am doing much better. Still not allowed to chew. Pureed food becoming old!

My chin is still numb. If I spill food on my face I can't feel it so I go around with food all over my face.

Finally got my hair done today. Went blonder. Like it so far!

Toddler did not nap today. That coupled with the ongoing crankiness, whining, tantrums and crying fits made for a horrendously long day.

Garbage disposal was broken by our cleaning lady and dishwasher drains through it. Thus no dishwasher all week. Washing dishes by hand (wow, what a concept) is awful and time consuming.

LOST Season Premier was on this week. It is my favorite show of all time and watching it was like visiting an old friend.

When you can't chew, I highly recommend against watching the Food Network. It will make you salivate, and eventually drool on yourself.

What is up with this "Cash for Gold" or "Cash 4 Gold" stuff everywhere? Are these rip-off scams?

Want to rearrange the living room. Have the winter blahs. Husband won't help me. Says we have too much other stuff to do. Bah humbug.

Found toddler adorable Valentine's Outfit at resale shop. Adorable, especially on clearance for only $2.


Kelly said...

It seems like toddlers go this this "rogue" phase of "I"m not going to nap-despite falling to the floor from exhaustion-and you can't make me". It's just as difficult on the rest of us too!

Anonymous said...

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