Monday, February 1, 2010

Update 1

Victoria had an ear infection two Mondays ago on MLK Day. I had to take off work since daycare had an inservice day and I had big plans for us. Instead I was home with a sick baby girl with a fever of 102. I got her in to the MD at 6:00 p.m. and the Doctor said it was an ear infection and gave her an antibiotic. At first they prescibed AMoxicillin, but I had to remind them that she is allergic (GEEZ! IT'S IN HER RECORDS) and then they gave her liquid Zithromycin. Friday night she came home from daycare with a cough. Over the weekend she had a runny nose, cough, didn't want to eat, and was the whiniest and crankiest I've ever sdeen her. It took all three of us- my mom, P and I (in a more limited capacity) to appease her and take care of her. I decided to drive today ( no Narcotics for a day or so) and I picked her up at school. She was so whiny and clingy and NOTHING made her happy until P got home. Now she is laying on him being rocked to sleep. Before she came into our lives I had absolutely no IDEA how much 1. kids got sick and 2. how they spread it to the rest of the family.
I really home she feels better soon.... and that we all remain healthy. Poor baby is so not herself. I am starting to get a sore throat and I just hope it is something else.

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