Thursday, October 28, 2010

Funny Conversations I've had this week

Crazy conversations I've had this week:

Scene: Vi took off her diaper, was running around and pooped on the floor (kitchen thank goodness). *Sigh*
VI: stinky (pointing at poop). Stinky.
Me: Victoria! Why didn't you tell mama that you had to go potty?
VI: I dunnnooknooowww
VI: Mama mad.
Me: No, mama is just disappointed. You have to tell mama when you have to go. Poop goes in the potty, NOT the floor.
VI: Okay mama (grins)
VI: Yes mama

Info: I'm working on a project at work and I need concentration, Usually I do not like music playing.
Me to P: I've been listening to You Tube on my Iphone at work lately.
P: What have you been listening to?
Me: Pearl Jam
P: Really?
Me: They are super great. I can't get enough of them
P: What were you doing in say... '93?
Me: I was in college.
P: And not listening to Pearl Jam
Me: no, they were popular then?
P: The '90's called. They want their music back.
Me: Maybe we could see them live. (Checks website). Oh, they haven't toured since 2006. :(
P: You're only about 20 years too late. Maybe you should get back in your time machine and go to a concert. *snickers*

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