Thursday, October 7, 2010

It went well

So yesterday I had my 3rd jaw surgery. This one was technically a repeat of the 2nd surgery from the beginning of July from which I had four dental implants placed and hardware removal. I lost 3 of the 4 implants afterwards, etc.

I emailed my surgeon over a week ago asking him if he was planning on removing the hardware that was protruding through my gums and informing him that I did indeed have the surgical stent in my possession. The stent was made by my prothodontist and cost me $420. They packed everything up after my 2nd surgery and told me to take it back to him, not imagining that we would need it again. It's been locked in the cabinet under my downstairs bathroom sink.

I told my husband on the drive there that I'll bet they were hunting EVERYWHERE for that splint. We got to the hospital and thankfully, I had a fellow that I really liked. He came in and told us that "they were going to take some impressions" because "I haven't had any since June". Hahahaha. I played along for a while, and then I pulled the box out of my bag and said, "Oh, did you need the surgical stent? I have it right here". You should have seen his face! We all laughed. He said he called everywhere looking for it and called me twice. I don't why he didn't leave a message. My surgeon also doesn't read his email either. He admitted that he has over 1000 unread.

The start was slllooowww. They were training a new older male nurse (that was annoying and clueless) along with the nurse I like. The assistant brought in trays and trays of equipment. The fellow put in the IV with no problem. I sat for a looonnggg time while everyone ran around. I remember them giving me a little bit of meds (probably Fentayl and Versed) and then the room started to spin. Later, I remember trying to talk and them shushing me. I don't remember waking up at all or them taking out the IV or anything.

I didn't wake up in pain like last time and feel about 1000% better than the last surgery. I've had more oozing of blood and more swelling and a LOT more stitches. I can hardly open my mouth. Of course I'm on massive doses of Clindamycin (again) for 10 days. I only took one Norco before bed last night and am managing pain with Tylenol. They wrote me off for all week but I may go back tomorrow. Trying to conserve sick time.

I'm feeling.... I don't know, hopeful again?? :)


Searching for Serenity said...

So glad to hear it when smoothly and that your recovery so far has been good. You are a trooper!

Take it easy and don't over do it!

Have a relaxing weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're doing well!


Makay said...

yayayayay! :) So glad to hear everything went well- I couldn't imagine going through multiple jaw surgeries- one and done was almost too much!

Love, Ky