Sunday, December 12, 2010

Recap of the week

We're back! We flew in yesterday afternoon and my child absolutely screeched and screamed when she saw us. My sister had her waiting at the door for us. (My sister made her very first appearance at our house in the almost 8 years we've lived here. Wonders never cease).

Our vacation verdict:
It was wonderful to talk to my husband.
It was wonderful to walk around most of the day.
It was wonderful to sleep in.
It was wonderful to eat Gluten Free things and not have a toddler climbing all over you, throwing food, and spilling her water.
It was wonderful to not have to worry about bedtimes. Or lunches. Or sippy cups.
It was wonderful to be romantic.
It was wonderful to have some sun.
It was wonderful to read THREE books! - Whistling Dixie in a Nor'easter by Lisa Patton (grade A-), Ill Never Be French no matter what I do Living in a Small Village in Brittany by Mark Greenside (grade B), The Almost Moon by Alice Seibold (grade C).
However, the weather was cold in Florida. Very cold. I had brought a winter hat (ugly one), winter coat, and gloves for the airport. I ended up wearing them for five of the six days we were there. I was still freezing. That was a big disappointment. It was too cold for the pool.

Our Child Being Away Verdict:
I missed her terribly. Especially the first day, and 2nd to last day. My mother sounded pretty tired when I talked to her. V sounded sooo happy whenever I heard her, so I was thrilled. I think my sister's family helped out a lot. When they had school/work I could sense the fatigue in my mother's voice. She seems fairly untraumatized, but quite clingy. I think she survived on a diet of Gerber Ravoli, applesauce, and graham crackers. My mom was obviously tired. My mom also only gave her two baths the entire week - ewwwww. But like I said, I think my mom was pretty exhausted.

Would I leave her again? Yes? But for not as long. And maybe with someone else.


Anonymous said...

glad you made it back. can you imagine if you tried to fly in today? you might have been stranded!!! i'm so happy you had some time to regroup and remember what things were like a few years ago! ...and then come home to a sweet little one!! :)

Anonymous said...

Jen -

Glad you had some relaxing time with DH and that your little one was fine.