Friday, December 31, 2010


P's family just came over for New Year's Eve.
It's been nice. Really nice. I'm enjoying their company.
Drama free, which I appreciate.
P made the most fabulous dinner. This am we ran to AA to Whole Foods and Zingermann's and spent more than I care to admit on dinner. He made bacon wrapped scallops, buttermilk mashed potatoes, Zingermann's mac & cheese (with cream and a pound of raw milk cheddar), salad, and flourless chocolate cake with chocolate truffles from San Chez. I ate a lot and all was good. I cleaned up and we are all hanging out in the living room.
Vi skipped a nap today. Sigh. It's 8:45 and she really needs to settle down for bed. She's been quite friendly to everyone.
Two days of vacation left. Sniff.


Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmm.....zingermans :) we had the mac n cheese on tuesday!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you finally got some peace.
enjoy the food -----