Saturday, December 4, 2010

just did it

I just drove up and met my mother and nephew and dropped off my precious baby. It was so difficult you guys. My husband is being very supportive which I appreciate. I couldn't eat any lunch, and I had diarrhea and vomiting from the stress. Have you ever became so distressed that you became physically ill? I don't recommend doing it. I have a long history of this stuff, dating back to slumber parties when I was in grade school. It's no secret that I have an anxiety disorder.

I met them in Sam's Club and V was immediately suspicious and clingy. I went to the bathroom without her and my mom brought her in crying. That wasn't a good start. In addition, she was up a great deal of the evening with a loud, barking cough, but no fever. She coughed steadily the entire 1.5 hour drive up there. I was going to take her to urgent care there, but once walking around, she really improved. The car seat was finally installed in my mom's car and I was worried that she would bawl when I pulled away. I stopped to buy gas and my nephew called me and said she had fallen asleep right away! I was so relieved!!!

I talked briefly to my sister on the way home and she made me feel better saying that they were really looking forward to having her and would help my mom (my mom isn't well.....). I'm home bawling for a bit and missing V. It's just so strange to be without her, you know? I took half a Klonopin so hopefully that will help calm things the heck down. I know she will have fun there, my mom has lots of toys, and just bought her some new books and Elmo videos. That will help. I even caved and bought her one of those darn Pillow Pets (the knock off from Amazon that is smaller and half priced) to keep as a lovey.

Well, wish us (me) luck and I'll keep you updated. Anxiety stinks.

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MrsSpock said...

I was always so nervous on clinical days in nursing school, I always had to carry Immodium with me.

Hopefully Vi will do great, and so will you!