Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Advice needed

P and I have been married for 10 years this past June. We used to travel often, which has now waned somewhat. We decided to go take a 10 year anniversary trip this year. Without V. We are planning on leaving for Florida (my choice) soon. V is going to stay with my mother (my father is deceased) up North. We leave on a Sunday and return on a Saturday. (Oh and BTW - someone is house sitting for us while we are gone!) I am going to meet my mom halfway on the day before we leave and hand over V. I am extremely concerned about this transaction. We plan to have lunch and visit Sam's Club, so there is some transition. I also have to pack my mom's vehicle will all of V's stuff and install the car seat. Frankly, my stomach is in knots about it and I feel like just bawling my eyes out. When I see that little confused face pull away, I am going to lose it. I hope she doesn't cry too much. She isn't up at my mom's that much, but she does know my mom. I wish my mom could some to our house for the week, but it really is a lot for her. My mom is supposed to bring her back to our house two days before we arrive home and take her to school one of the days (I know my mom will need a break!).

I know that my mother has fun things planned, and has plenty of books, toys, and videos for her. She will have oodles of attention from my BIL and my mom's old lady friends. But I am very worried that she will feel abandoned. And scared. And alone. And miss her friends at school. I am worried about her crying the entire time (I know she can't cry for an entire week, can she?). I have been preparing her by mentioning that she is going to visit Grandma and mama and daddy will be gone for a while, but will be back before she knows it.

I really would like to bring her with us, because I like to be around her at all times and miss her terribly when we are apart. However, I know this is important to foster independence. I am looking very forward to eating a romantic meal unmolested and without wrestling a toddler. I am looking forward to having time to listen to my spouse and doing fun adult activities with him. I am looking forward to thinking about "us" and just being together.


Searching for Serenity said...

It is going to be hard...and she will be ok. She will have fun and so will you. I'm quickly discovering how important it is to frequently connect with my hubby. So easily we fall into the daily routine and forget to pay attention to each other.

Have fun!

MrsSpock said...

We went to Chicago for 4 days this August and left J with my mother. Granted, he loves his Grandma and she comes up and watches him every week. He didn't cry once and barely had the patience to talk to us on the phone for 5 minutes every night, since he was having so much fun. if she has different and new toys for Vi to play with, she will probably be happily distracted.

Anonymous said...

i'm sure it will be great! :)

i can't wait to hear how it goes and how you hope to do it again!

...oh...and i might need that meatloaf recipe! bacon wrapped ANYTHING is delish!