Monday, November 8, 2010

jaw update

Last Wednesday I went to the oral surgeon for my one month follow up from my third surgery. It went well. I saw the resident that I like (and let's be honest, think is cute, but is probably 8 years younger than me), the fellow that did my 2nd surgery (and is very nice, but not as cute), and my surgeon. I was surrounded by men. My teeth and jaw make me such a unique creature of interest. (Sorry for the sidenote).

Things looked very good, despite the incision opening up twice. They were forced to just let the edges of the tissue grow together, and it has done so, quite well. I have to see the Prostodontist that is making my partial denture (my $5000 partial denture so damn it better be good), and in 3-4 more months we can "load" the implants with it. I'M SO EXCITED! I will have teeth on the bottom like 99.9% of the rest of the population.

Then my 4th surgery (aka the BIG ONE) is going to only be a one jaw surgery, on my lower jaw. It will be a Bilateral Sagital Split Osteotomy (BSSO), where my lower jaw is cut into pieces and repositioned. They are going to do a bone graft for my upper teeth spaces (that show and make me look like a jack o lantern) at that time.
That will be the first week of March.

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MrsSpock said...

$5000 makes me want to poop my pants! My the time this is all done, I bet you will be all surgeried out! Thank goodness this last one is knitting together well.