Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tis' the Season

Now is the time to start thinking about Christmas presents. I am the type of person that tends to leave things to the last minute. I just can't do that anymore with Victoria being around and my husband working so much. Can I say that Amazon has been a gift from God? The last two years I've done a large Amazon order (with free super saver shipping) and that has really cut down my time running around to stores. This year we are going to Florida for our 10th Anniversary the first week of December (yikes, sans Victoria ) so anytime will be cut even less.

I don't like to spoil V with a ton of presents. Even though we were on the poor side growing up, we always had tons of presents at Christmas. Too many, really. My parents did things like A Christmas Club to save all year long.

Anyway, P's family is most likely not doing gifts this year, possibly picking names, so that will be easy. I don't really do gifts with my sister's family - I get the teens gift cards. V's teachers usually get gift cards to Target or Starbucks. My mom wants Estee Lauder Beautiful lotion/perfume. I got her started on this a few years ago, It's expensive, but luxurious and easy. I can't talk about P's gifts on here because he sometimes reads the blog. But he likes gifts :)

Vi has expressed a great deal of interest in bikes/tricycles. We were in Target and after 10 minutes I had to pull her kicking and screaming off a Radio Flyer Fold and Go Trike. It's $47 and my mother wants to get it for her. She would need a bike helmet too.

This is what I have for V so far:

Melissa and Doug Lacing Beads ~ $11 on Amazon.

Alix Barnyard Bath Toys ~$8

Fisher Price Barnyard - this costs $30 but I bought mine at Costco and it is some sort of deluxe set for $20. I'm excited about it.

I'm sure V will receive a ton of books, which is great. Used or new, we don't care!
I wish Santa would bring her a bookcase for all these books though.


Anonymous said...

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MrsSpock said...

Did you see that great Hasbro deal at Toys R us this week. I got J 7 games for $14.

Gretchen H said...

we have the block/string thing. it is useful in different ways for many years. enjoy it!