Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday night

Right now P is making me a birthday cake. It is a flourless chocolate cake that can be found at the tapas restaurant San Chez which is one of our favorites. He also is making chocolate truffles. We met some friends for Japanese food and then took a walk. It was really gorgeous out today. This week we are celebrating my birthday since things are so hectic during the week.

Everyone is asking me about my Dr. visit on Wednesday. I guess I just have a big mouth since how do all these people know about it. Ooops. Maybe because I've been cancelling lots of stuff because I've been sick. Well bad news. The GI Doc (whom I don't care for) thinks that I have Crohn's disease. Oh joy. I don't honestly believe him. I still think I have Celiac Dx. I for one am around 20 lbs too heavy to have Crohn's, I do not have blood loss, and I do not have excrutiating stomach pain as a general rule(although I did today). I will not take Prednisone, Cyclosporine or any other immunosuppressants. I.will.not. Next week, I am scheduled for a wireless capsule endoscopy. This involves swallowing a camera that is a pill. That will examine my small intestine which is the suspected source of trouble. As soon as this is over, I will start on the gluten free diet and show that doctor that I am right. Wish me luck please and keep me in your prayers.

It seems like all I ever talk about is my various illnesses. I"m so sorry. It's just such a big part of my life right now.

Somehow even with my anemia I manage to get in around 14,000 steps per day so that is a good thing.

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