Monday, June 11, 2007

It's that week again.

Yes my birthday is this week. Sigh. I really don't care much for Birthdays to be honst. They are indeed better since met P. I always wait for some big 'bang' and they turn out like any other day, sometimes lousier. Anyway, I'm full of cynical goodness today. I went to my MD and had my blood drawn. Now I have no iron in my blood, before I had very little. She's suprised I manage to stay as active as I do. Anyway - the plan is to see the GI doc on Wednesday. I'll keep you posted.

Birthdays seemed so simple then.... I think it was my 6th circa 1979? I sure had great hair and damn was I cute. Check out the crazy jazzed up disco throwback pantsuit my sister has on. She has to have on the stupid outfit so I look even more cute and special on my birthday. The frightening thing is that her daughter has that exact same haircut, almost 30 years later. By the way that was not wallpaper.... it was paneling that matched the carpet.

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